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Adapters for controlling from steering wheel

Adapters for controlling from steering wheel 4CarMedia offers a perfect solution for those who can no longer use their steering wheel controls after replacing their stock radio.

Professional car audio accessories

Check out a full range of professional accessories for car audio installations!

Accessories for car audio installation constitute essential elements of every audio system. Without them, it is impossible to connect main components and turn on the audio equipment.

Radio Release Keys

If you need to disassemble your car radio in a quick and safe manner, we have the perfect tools for this!

Car navigation adapters

Adapters for connecting a navigation device to a car factory installation and in some cases, for connecting additional video signal source or TMC receiver to the navigation device. This allows you to use the device’s display or add functionality to the navigation by providing accurate and timely information on traffic intensity (through a TMC tuner - Traffic Message Channel)

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Multimedia adapter; Audi, VW; MFD, Navi Plus

AD.01 4CARMEDIA, Multimedia adapter


Multimedia adapter; Audi; RNS-E; ISO, Quadlock

AD.02 4CARMEDIA, Multimedia adapter


Multimedia adapter; VW; Delta, MFD2, RNS2; ISO, Quadlock

AD.03 4CARMEDIA, Multimedia adapter


Multimedia adapter; Seat, Škoda, VW; MCD

AD.04 4CARMEDIA, Multimedia adapter


Multimedia adapter; Audi, VW; MFD, RNS-E

AD.05 4CARMEDIA, Multimedia adapter


Multimedia adapter; Audi, Seat, Škoda, VW; MFD

AD.06 4CARMEDIA, Multimedia adapter


Multimedia adapter; Audi, Seat, Škoda, VW; TMC

AD.07 4CARMEDIA, Multimedia adapter