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Adapters for controlling from steering wheel 4CarMedia offers a perfect solution for those who can no longer use their steering wheel controls after replacing their stock radio.

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Adapter; BMW, Ford, Mercedes, Seat, Škoda, VW; Input: Quadlock

Manufacturer: 4CARMEDIA
Product groups: Car Radio Adapters
Product specifications
Type of car connector:
Application - car brand:
BMW, Ford, Mercedes, Seat, Škoda, VW
Application - car model:
BMW (E90), BMW 1 (E87) 2004->2013, Ford C-Max 2004->, Ford Focus 2004->, Ford Mondeo 2004->, Mercedes 2004->, Seat Altea 2005->, Seat Leon 2005->, Seat Toledo 2005->, VW Golf V 2004->2008, VW Passat 2004->, VW T5 Multivan 2009/10->, VW Touareg, VW Touran, Škoda Octavia II 2004->
Quadlock connector for sound upgrade of 2-channel audio system. It allows to adjust 1 or 2 channels in order to connect a car amplifier to factory installation in the car. Adapter has REMOTE wire to turn the amplifier on/off.
Kind of input connector:
Additional information
Gross weight:
0.246 kg