Adapters for controlling from steering wheel

Adapters for controlling from steering wheel 4CarMedia offers a perfect solution for those who can no longer use their steering wheel controls after replacing their stock radio.

Professional car audio accessories

Check out a full range of professional accessories for car audio installations!

Accessories for car audio installation constitute essential elements of every audio system. Without them, it is impossible to connect main components and turn on the audio equipment.

Radio Release Keys

If you need to disassemble your car radio in a quick and safe manner, we have the perfect tools for this!

Knowledge Base

  • Influence of music on driving style

    Music influences human senses and generates different emotions – from happiness to melancholy to aggression. Also, sounds reaching us have noticeable impact on our driving style. Read about correlations observed during research on a group of drivers.

  • Adapters are a good alternative for expensive car audio equipment

    Factory fitted radio does not meet your expectations? Appropriate car audio adapter will let you adjust your car installation. It all depends on the type and brand of device being used, type of connector, and model of your vehicle.

  • What to do in order to get the best possible audio quality in a car

    Improvement of car audio systems

    Meeting expectations of different music lovers is not an easy thing. Hip-hop fans pay attention to different aspects than classical music lovers. In this article you will find some ways to modify car audio installations and adjust them to your needs.

  • How to reduce noise in your car?

    Soundproofing of a car

    Silence in your car not only influences the comfort, but also impacts driving safety. Manufacturers try their best to reduce the level of noise inside their cars. However, it’s also good to learn some additional ways of soundproofing your car.

  • The comfort of using mp3 files in your car

    Car audio mp3

    Tracks saved in the mp3 format ensure great comfort. They require limited space and can be stored on portable drives or mobile devices. Is it possible to convert Audio-CD to mp3 without compromising the quality of the sound?