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Adapters for controlling from steering wheel

Adapters for controlling from steering wheel 4CarMedia offers a perfect solution for those who can no longer use their steering wheel controls after replacing their stock radio.

Professional car audio accessories

Check out a full range of professional accessories for car audio installations!

Accessories for car audio installation constitute essential elements of every audio system. Without them, it is impossible to connect main components and turn on the audio equipment.

Radio Release Keys

If you need to disassemble your car radio in a quick and safe manner, we have the perfect tools for this!

Cables for CD Changers

Cables for CD ChangersThe offered products enable connecting a CD changer to an original radio or sat-nav device.

The connection is realized in an analogue domain, which makes it vulnerable to interference and poor signal quality.

That is why the multi pair and coaxial cables in our offer comprise wires designed for cable changers that ensure the best screening possible .

This solution eliminates the everlasting problem of interference, whoosh and noise caused by an engine running as well as other electronic components in a vehicle.

The cables come in different length (0.15 to 5.5 m), allowing you to move or install your changer in a place of your choice, e.g. armrest, glovebox, or trunk.

Net price from 70.26 CZK
Net price from 431.38 CZK
Net price from 361.16 CZK
Type of car audio accessories cable for CD changer cable for CD changer cable for CD changer cable for CD changer
Cable/adapter structure
  • ISO mini socket 8pin
  • VW, Audi 12pin
Application - car brand
  • Audi
  • VW
Cable length 0.15m 5.5m 5.5m 5.5m

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