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Adapters for controlling from steering wheel

Adapters for controlling from steering wheel 4CarMedia offers a perfect solution for those who can no longer use their steering wheel controls after replacing their stock radio.

Professional car audio accessories

Check out a full range of professional accessories for car audio installations!

Accessories for car audio installation constitute essential elements of every audio system. Without them, it is impossible to connect main components and turn on the audio equipment.

Radio Release Keys

If you need to disassemble your car radio in a quick and safe manner, we have the perfect tools for this!

Don’t lose your coverage and stay in contact with everybody!

We would like to offer you a selection of GSM/UMTS antennas that allow you to use the default car phone, and are necessary to ensure appropriate operation of GPS devices.

They are often used as transmitters in radio monitoring. The products in our offer ensure high sensitivity and good range.

Parameters ANT.S05 ANT.S06
Net price from 11.34 GBP
Net price from 13.7 GBP
Type of car audio accessories antenna antenna
Kind of antenna SHARK SHARK
Frequency range AM, FM, GPS, GSM AM, FM, GPS, GSM
Kind of connector
  • DIN
  • FME-A
  • SMA-A
  • DIN
  • FME-A
  • SMA-A
Colour black black
Mounting hole diameter Ø15 mm Ø15 mm
GPS band gain 3 dBi 3 dBi
GPS wave impedance 50 Ω 50 Ω
AM/FM bandwidth sensitivity 20 dBi 20 dBi
AM/FM wave impedance 75 Ω 75 Ω
Supply voltage 12 V DC 12 V DC
Kind of wire RG174 RG174

Net price from 1.78 GBP
Net price from 1.42 GBP
Type of car audio accessories antenna antenna
Kind of antenna inner inner
Frequency range GSM, UMTS GSM, UMTS
Kind of connector Fakra SMA-A
Connector socket socket
Cable length 5 m 3 m
Antenna fixing on the window on the window